• Strap #1, CARB 1 cans.
  • Strap #1, CARB 2, NATO (Fuel & Water), Scepter Military Gas & Diesel, cans.
  • Strap #3, Scepter Military water can


AT Can Holder - metal straps


Product Description

AT uses 0.125” thick, clear anodized aluminum straps for their holders.

The straps are unique to three different styles of cans, please specify when ordering:

Strap 1: To be used with CARB 1 fuel cans. These cans have a separate spout that does not fit inside the can.

Strap 2: To be used with CARB 2 fuel cans (the spout fits inside the fuel can), all NATO cans, and Scepter Military Gasoline and Diesel cans.

Strap 3: To be used with Scepter Military Water Cans


One strap is included when ordering a can holder. Only order extra straps for you cn holder on this page.

Product Reviews

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  1. Versatile solution

    Posted by Steve on 20th Jan 2014

    I went with Strap 3, Scepter Water Can. Works well with both Scepter Fuel and Water cans. Plus, seems to work reasonably well with CARB gas cans.

AT Strap2
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