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CARB Compliant NATO Fuel Can


Product Description

These cans are from the Factory that has been manufacturing them for the military for over 80 years.Original Jerry cans made to the highest specs. Fully paint-coated inside and outside. Equipped with a full internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring.

The highest quality Jerry can out there. Original Mil Spec. Approved for use in all States, (EPA and CARB approved). Each can comes with a safety spout (pour spout) attached and also has an adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers.

  • Manufactured from 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel ( DC 04 EN 10130).
  • Dual pan construction. Unique wide channel breather for better smoother pouring.
  • Seam welded for extra strength.
  • Three Handle Configuration.
  • Leakproof Bayonet Closure.
  • Locking pin in cap.
  • Strengthened hinge on cap to prevent accidental bending when closing.
  • Cap designed to hold open when discharging the can.
  • Lined inside with fuel resistant Rezol enamel to prevent rusting.
  • Painted exterior epoxypolyester powder coat.
  • Holds 5 gallons.
  • The only Jerry Can like this approved and legal in all States!
  • Comes with certified pour spout


Product Videos

Wavian Jerry Can Testing 06:01

Strength and integrity testing of our reliable Jerry Cans by Wavian. http://www.swisslink.com/products/jerry_cans_by_wavian-10/

  • Wavian Jerry C...
    Strength and integrity testing of our reliable Jerry Cans by W...

Product Reviews

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  1. fabulous customer service!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2017

    Fast! Processing and shipment was very prompt. Packaging was perfect. Thank you!

  2. Pretty Awesome Product

    Posted by Nick Matthews on 23rd Aug 2015

    I have tried a lot of different kinds of Gas Cans and Jerry cans, between cost and function I have never really been happy. Finding these reasonably priced I purchased three of for an up coming adventure and found that they were by far the best made and usable. I usually find that you can't really get 5 gallons into the can but I averaged 5.2 on each gas can and they have a very nice sealing surface that mates well with the spout. I have not spilled a drop and my hands have never come away smelling like fumes. My only gripe was spout holder is a little loose. Since I will be traveling with these cans on my roof rack I will probably secure them with an additional velcro strap or store the nozzle in another compartment. To be clear it does sit in the holding bracket on the can I just am not confident that it is as tight as it could be. Back to good things When I placed my order AT had it shipped out that day. When they arrived they were very nicely individually wrapped so they were a true bright red without any cosmetic blemishes.

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