The awning is securely rolled up inside the aluminum clamshell case, and the legs and arms telescope out from the cross bar at the end of the awning. The awnings are easy to set up and come with guide ropes for high wind conditions. The sunbrella fabric is printed on both sides, waterproof, will not rot, mildew or deteriorate.

F35-Pro Awnings are available in the following colors:

F35 Pro 1.8 M Deluxe Grey (stock) Ocean Blue, Sahara, Evergreen, Bordeaux.

F35 Pro 2.5M , 3.0M, 3.5M Deluxe Grey, Ocean Blue, Sahara, Evergreen, Bordeaux.


New improved fabric guarantees higher resistance to UV rays. It does not fade, and is welded rather than sewn for added strength. It can be rewound when damp, is rot-proof, waterproof and washable.

Blu ocean Deluxe Evergreen Bordeaux   Coconut