The Heatsource furnaces come in two sizes the smaller HS2000 rated at 6483 BTU and the larger HS2800 rated at 9554 BTU output.

The smaller unit runs at 91% efficiency, draws 1.4 amps during fan use, and puts out 60 cubic feet of air a minute.

The larger unit runs at 93% efficiency, draws 1.9 amps during fan use, and puts out 85 cubic feet a minute of air.

Both the HS2000 and HS2800 are supplied as standard with a solid state electronic thermostat which automatically switches the unit on and off to maintain the desired temperature.

Electrical current consumption is minimal during ignition, so cycling the Heatsource on and off does not have the effect of
additional battery drain.

The Heatsource works by heating up the large surface area of the heat-exchanger, so no mixing of combustion gases and heated air takes place. The units are totally room sealed and exhaust all products of combustion externally.



Heatsource units are designed to be quiet during operation without compromising air and heat output. Noise is kept to a minimum by using high quality balanced fans and smooth enclosed motors with ball race bearings, .




The intelligent electronics are continuously monitoring the operation of the heater to make sure everything is operating correctly and safely.

This includes:

  • Monitoring of the flame
  • Case temperature,
  • Combustion airflow,
  • Gas solenoid valve and voltage.

Should any of these stray outside of the predetermined levels, the heater will be switched off and the red light on the thermostat will indicate a fault.

Looking for 11 good reasons to buy this unit? Look no further.

  • Runs on clean burning propane
  • Quiet thermostatic operation
  • Stainless steel burner and heat-exchanger gives maintenance free durability
  • Low electrical current consumption
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Reduces condensation
  • High quality motor with ball race bearings
  • Advanced micro-processor electronics
  • Self diagnostic fault finding system
  • Digital timer thermostat available



Consumption of propane running continuously:

HS2000 at 6483 BTU, 3.2 hours on 1 lb. of propane.

HS2800 at 9554 BTU, 2.0 hours on 1 lb. of propane.