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Portable Power Pack


Product Description

The National Luna Portable Power Pack is a removable, compact battery box with built-in split-charge isolator, ideal for modern vehicles that cannot accommodate a second battery in the engine compartment. The design of the Portable Power Pack allows it to be used as a standby power pack for 12-volt appliances.

The Portable Power Pack features fused accessory plugs, a polarized high-power plug and built-in battery monitor with low-battery and over-charge warnings. The built-in plugs can be used for low-power accessories such as refrigerators, pumps, compressors, lights and other 12-volt electronic devices. The high-current input-output can be used for higher power requirements such as invertors or battery chargers. The built-in split-charge isolator is fully automatic and does not require
additional hardware in the application vehicle.

OPTION: The Dual Battery Controller Plugs into port provided in the portable power pack. Mounts on dash board or other accessible location to show charge and storage status plus allow over-ride if Aux battery is needed for starting purposes. Sold separately.

Simple installation
Removable / Portable design
Fully automatic split-charge isolator
Built-in battery monitor and input voltage monitor
Remote battery monitor port
Slide-lock lid
Bolt-down / Strap-down design
Electronics isolated from battery compartment
Can accommodate standard automotive battery types
23' of heavy-duty cable supplied with attached coupler (Red Anderson style)
Fuse-protected plugs and connections
Battery hold-down bracket supplied In-line fuse supplied
Additional battery terminals and hardware supplied
Additional cables, hardware and monitors available separately
3 year comprehensive warranty

Physical size 20"L x 10.25"W x 12"H
Battery Compartment 13.75"L x 7"W x 10.5"
Weight 12 lbs (excluding battery and cables)
Power supply 8V-15V (display range: 11.4V -14.2V)
Switched current 85 amp (continuous) , 400 amp (peak)
Cable 23' red and black (46' total) with connector
Connectors "Hella" style output (15A fused)
"Cigarette lighter" output (15A fused)
50 amp input-output coupler (60A fused) Anderson style
50 amp charge input (split-charge input) Anderson style
Remote port Suits removable data cable for Dual Battery
Battery monitors Built-in to power pack
14-stage auxiliary battery monitor ( 11.4V -14.2V)
7-stage input voltage monitor (12.6V -14.2V)
Power consumption 60mA ave (standby), 780mA max (solenoid engaged)
Shipping Dims 20"L x11"W x 13"H

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